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Personalized Umbrellas

When branding through personalized umbrellas is concerned, brands may get confused of the types of umbrellas to be distributed to the customers. There are multiple variants of personalized umbrellas available in the market. Personalized mini umbrellas are one of the most used umbrella variants. Mini umbrellas are the folded umbrellas which will be opened in equal size with a bigger one. Few personalized mini umbrellas can be even called ultra mini as they can be folded into two or three. Many a time mini umbrellas come with holder boxes which makes them highly portable. It is a bulging issue faced by many branding companies that whether the personalized mini umbrellas serve the purpose of brand promotions. Let us more deeply look into the issue and see how effective the use of mini umbrellas in brand promotion is:

Personalized umbrellas serve the purpose of brand promotion in the way as they are highly visibly portable products. Visibly portable means, when carried along or used they are visible to the public; so is the printed advertisements on them too. Personalized Umbrellas are meant for the use of outdoors and umbrella is an exclusive product which is used amidst the public. No other promotional product has the beneficial feature of exclusive public use or equal assured public use. Cosmetic products and personal use products are also being gifted as brand promotion tools; but many a times the receiver uses them in private. It is also possible that the receiver never uses such products at all. A mini umbrella is highly portable compared to the ordinary umbrellas. Personalized Umbrellas are products that many a time used at unexpected conditions like a sudden rain. Therefore people like to keep them in hand bags instead of holding in hands. A mini is small in size and light in weight. It is also made to fit the hand bags. Thus the number of people carrying the mini umbrella is high. It is obvious that when the usability is high promotional value also goes up equally. 

Though being called mini, the umbrella has diameter of any normal umbrella; thus bigger display area. Promotion becomes successful when visible display area is sufficient on the product. In fact advertisement success is based on the area of printable surface. In this aspect a personalized mini umbrella can’t be neglected behind bigger umbrellas. They work just as fine as the large umbrella models. It is not the name but the diameter or area of display work in promotion.

Another advantage of mini umbrella is that miniature things are always dear to people. This effect works with personalized mini umbrellas too. When somebody likes a product there develops a indirect attachment between the product and the user. The same affection and likeness can be extended to the brand printed on the product too. If a brand succeeds to make the product favorite to a customer, then the customer can be expected to become a loyal consumer of the brand too. 

It is a fact that mini umbrellas, though mini in size and slightly lesser in printable surface, are more beneficial for promotional purposes compared to the larger counterparts.

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