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Types of Promotional Umbrellas

The word of promotional umbrellas does not refer to one single product. There are multiple varieties of umbrellas commonly used for promoting brands. Different umbrella types are used for various types of promotion. Umbrellas are used for brand promotion because they offer a wide surface to imprint messages and images on, as well as more assured visibility than any other brand promotion product. Each type of umbrella is selected according to a company’s requirements and the nature of products and services being advertised with the umbrellas. Widely used variants include sport umbrellas, walking umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas, and parasols. Below is a list and of these umbrella types and their promotional worth and usage. 
Sport Umbrellas
Sport umbrellas are also called golf umbrellas because they are generally used in golf fields. Wider and sturdier than walking umbrellas, they hold two or three people under them. General golf umbrellas have a 50-68 inch arc. They have steel rims and wooden handles. Sport umbrellas are always favorite promotional products for brands as every sport event will be watched by a large number of spectators. Advertising on a golf umbrella opens the opportunity of grabbing several eyes with one or two products and minimal expense. 
Walking Umbrellas
Walking umbrellas are the typical common use umbrellas used by people across the world. They are lightweight, foldable and small in diameter. There are several variants in walking umbrellas such as foldable, non-folding, wooden handled, multi-color etc… Each of these types can be used as promotional umbrella. Walking umbrellas help brands to promote products and services most effectively as these are the products that feature high level usage and most assured visibility. Walking umbrellas take the brands into the public and help gaining faster reputation. People use walking umbrellas in all seasons and throughout the year. Maximum result with minimal expense is the exclusiveness of walking umbrellas.
Telescopic Umbrellas
Telescopic umbrellas are not a variant in themselves, but both sport umbrellas and walking umbrellas can be telescopic. The name is given from the structure of the product. A telescopic umbrella can be disassembled completely. The frame and handle can be inserted into one another and the canopy can be removed and folded for keeping in hand bags. They are much lighter compared to sport and walking umbrellas. Since they can be disassembled, they offer effective portability too. They can be used for brand promotion because of the unique shape and easiness to carry along. These umbrellas are used widely. 
Parasols go against the dictionary definition. A parasol is defined as a lightweight umbrella in dictionaries, but in practical use parasols are large shading umbrellas used outdoors. The wide umbrellas are generally used with booths and for shade. Imprinted with logos and promotional messages, they serve the purpose of bulk brand promotion. Parasols are cost effective and result oriented advertisement tools which can bring in customers and revenue if utilized in an effective manner.
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