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Branding with Personalized Umbrellas

October 25, 2018 Personalized umbrellas are highly visibly portable products that gives your brand greater exposure than other promotional products. Each time a personalized umbrella is used and visible to the public so is your promotional message or logo. Since umbrellas are meant to be used strictly outdoors, no other promotional product has the beneficial … Continue reading “Branding with Personalized Umbrellas”

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History of the Umbrella

July 23, 2018 The use of the umbrella dates back over 3,500 years to ancient Egypt, and possibly China, Assyria, and Greece. The first known use of the then called Parasol was in Egypt, which was typically made from palm leaves attached to a stick meant to protect from the sun, not rain. Umbrellas during … Continue reading “History of the Umbrella”

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The Popularity of the Mini Umbrella

July 9, 2018 Promotional mini umbrellas are extremely popular, and actually, make up the majority of our best sellers category. Not only are they priced to fit most marketing budgets, they are well-liked by most everyone. Compact and easy to use, mini umbrellas are convenient to keep on hand for people who spend a lot … Continue reading “The Popularity of the Mini Umbrella”

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Custom Golf Umbrellas – the Perfect Executive Gift

June 25, 2018 When you think about promoting your brand and/or company, you probably tend to think in terms of mass appeal, such as personalized little trinkets you can hand out by the dozens costing less than $1. You slide them into mailers and information packets, pass them out during events, and give one to … Continue reading “Custom Golf Umbrellas – the Perfect Executive Gift”

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Umbrella Style Overview

June 11, 2018 So you’ve decided you want a personalized umbrella for your promotion, but you aren’t sure which is right for your business. Custom umbrellas are a great choice for any promotion providing you with a lot of exposure for years to come, and make wonderful customer appreciation gifts. There are many styles of … Continue reading “Umbrella Style Overview”

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