Custom Umbrellas – The Perfect Holiday Gift

November 26, 2018

November 26, 2018

While umbrellas are typically thought of as being used for rain, they also offer great protection during the winter from snow and wind. Whether you are marketing at a tradeshow or looking for something special for your top customers, a custom umbrella is a perfect way to promote your brand during the winter. Umbrellas come in many styles, including those made to withstand strong winds and heavy rain, making them a great choice for winter.

At the Custom Umbrella Store, we have a great selection of vented umbrellas that are ideal for winter promotions. Vented umbrellas are designed to prevent from twisting, turning inside out, blowing away or breaking. Sturdily made, vented umbrellas protect from harsh weather like snow and gusting winds, and make holiday gifts for customers and employees, as well as tradeshow promotions. Custom umbrellas not only offer you the benefit of lasting year after year, giving you the most for your promotional dollar but also serve as a way to spread your company name all over town. Each time it is used it is seen by everyone around, presenting your business new potential clients.

So, grab your graphics team, and find an umbrella that symbolized your brand and message and find an umbrella to match or compliment your colors and design. You will have a unique, memorable, holiday gift customers are sure to reuse (and advertise your business) year after year!

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