Make your Outdoor Events Memorable with Custom Umbrellas

April 25, 2019

April 25, 2019

Spring is upon us and you know what that means! Warmer weather means outdoor events and it’s a great time to gain recognition for your company or brand. Spring and summer bring outdoor concerts, art festivals and fairs, cycling and running marathons, golf tournaments and all kinds of sports!

When you put your name on a custom umbrella, you are creating a walking billboard that will be seen by so many more people than just the recipient! Personalized umbrellas offer the most exposure you can get for your marketing dollars. You give out one umbrella and every time the recipient uses it more exposure is gained. Whether they are running between meetings, shopping, or running errands everywhere they go your logo will be seen by people all around them.

Want greater exposure? Sponsor your local sports team with a custom umbrella featuring your corporate logo or brand message. Whether it is a local college or professional sports team, it’s an economical way to spread the word about your brand. You can offer them for sale to the general public, or give them to the players on the team, their managers, coaches, etc. and they will be seen by everyone in the stadium each time it rains.

Another wonderful venue would be a golf tournament. People love using umbrellas during golf outings to stay dry during rain, but also to protect themselves from the sun. It’s a long day standing and walking the course and offering spectators a custom umbrella for protection from the elements is a great way to get your business noticed.

Of course, you can gain lots of exposure by just passing them out to your customers! Personalized umbrellas are a practical and useful gift and is something people can use for years, gaining your company much more exposure that a one-use or gimmick product.

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