Prepare for Winter Promotions with a Custom Umbrella

August 14, 2019

August 14, 2019

While it may still be summer, your marketing department is probably already working on ideas for winter promotions! Of course, there’s the usual scarfs, hats and other winter wear, but you might want to consider a custom umbrella to throw in the mix. People tend to think of umbrellas as a spring or summer promotional item, but the fact is umbrellas are very versatile, and are used year round. Umbrellas are great for keeping you protected from rain, hail, sleet, snow and the sun.

Custom umbrellas make wonderful customer and employee appreciation and thank you gifts. Not only are umbrellas an item that is used every season, they provided you with great exposure for your brand! When you put your company logo or graphics on a custom umbrella, it’s like taking out an ad on a walking billboard! Unlike an actual billboard, custom umbrellas will advertise your brand for years to come, give you the most bang for your marketing bucks! Every time it rains, sleets, snows or the sun is glaring you’ll find your custom umbrellas running all over town providing you with a boost of exposure.

Winter promotions are just around the corner, so give some serious consideration to a custom umbrella! Versatile and affordable, you won’t regret your promotional choice. Better than a one-use gimmick, custom umbrellas will provide you with band advertising year after year, and are something recipients can truly appreciate!

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