The Popularity of the Mini Umbrella

July 9, 2018

Promotional mini umbrellas are extremely popular, and actually, make up the majority of our best sellers category. Not only are they priced to fit most marketing budgets, they are well-liked by most everyone. Compact and easy to use, mini umbrellas are convenient to keep on hand for people who spend a lot of time traveling or working or playing outdoors.

When you think of a “mini” umbrella, you probably think it’s because of their length, which is not necessarily true. A mini umbrella typically measures the same length as any other umbrella when extended, but folds to a compact size as short as 7”. With a 36” to 46” arc when open, mini umbrellas are provide cover for one person and their belongings or maybe 2 people, so it’s the perfect size for use as a personal umbrella. Most of them fold too, so you can easily keep it with you in a purse, briefcase, or backpack which is ideal for travelers and commuters. Mini umbrellas are ideal for college students to keep in their school bag since they spend a lot of time running to and from various buildings on campus, and busy parents love them with all the running around they do.

Mini umbrellas are probably the most popular style umbrella in the world, whether they are personalized or not. Most stores sell them because they are popular and an item people need, but choices are usually limited to one or two kinds and few colors. At the Custom Umbrella Store, we have more than 50 mini umbrella styles with prices starting as low as just over $4 per piece. There are so many colors and color combinations, you’ll easily find one to match or complement your company logo or event theme, and provide customers with a gift they can use time and time again, potentially offering your brand an unlimited amount of exposure.


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