Rescue an outdoor wedding with custom umbrellas

Brides dream of picturesque weddings and often wait until the spring and summer months to get married so that they can have the most visually stunning backdrops possible. They are excited to be in the company of family and friends as they mark the start of a new chapter in their lives.

If you're a wedding vendor working back-to-back weekends, your business has to be prepared for anything, especially the weather. Why not have a batch of custom umbrellas for guests to use throughout the day? After all, families and friends will spend an average $539 per wedding this year already, according to a survey by American Express Spending and Savings Tracker. They don't want to have to buy an umbrella specifically for a wedding.

Save the bride and groom from getting wet with a custom umbrella from your business.Imagine 69 million Americans traveling far and wide to attend a wedding. Whether it is hosted at a country club, hotel or historic home, it is important to greet these guests with hospitality. 

Before the wedding season is up and running, think about getting promotional umbrellas for your guests. Hopefully, the bride and groom planned to have a backup tent set up for the outdoor affair. And if they don't, chances are guests may not be prepared to have an umbrella on hand for the wedding ceremony.

It is a good idea to have personalized umbrellas available as a part of a venue's coordinated plan for inclement weather. That added personal touch of your business's logo will be remembered as guests file from the wedding ceremony to the reception hall.

To make this cost-efficient for your business, designate an umbrella drop-off area. This will ensure these umbrellas can be saved for future special occasions. Now, guests can remain dry and keep their outfits looking refined for photographs with the newlyweds and other guests.